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Trimix Intraurethal Gel

Trimix Intraurethal Gel for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you looking for Trimix intraurethal gel?

Trimix Gel contains the same active ingredients that are found in our Trimix penile injections.

However, Trimix gel is a needleless, “no injection” method of treating erection problems.

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What is Trimix gel and how is it used?

The active ingredients found in Trimix intraurethal gel are alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine.  These ingredients work by allowing more blood to flow to the penis.

Instead of injecting these medications into the corpus cavernosum of the penis the gel is inserted into the urethra.

The urethra is the tube running through the center of your penis where urine and ejaculate exit.

Some men are not comfortable with inserting a needle into their penis to inject medication.  This gel allows men to deliver the same medication to their penis without injecting with a needle.

Please note that we are a Canadian pharmacy operating in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we are unable to ship Trimix Gel to the United States.  If you are an American citizen please see the bottom of this page for information on how to find a compounding pharmacy near you.

How effective is Trimix gel in producing an erection?

This gel is known to be just as effective as, or even more effective than, oral ED medicines in producing an erection.

These gels are not, however, as effective as intracavernosal penile injections.

Once the gel is inserted into the urethra, an erection is usually produced within 5 to 20 minutes.

How is the gel inserted into the urethra?

Trimix gel comes in a pre-loaded syringe containing the gel (you are required to mix the components of the gel in the syringes provided – see below for how to mix the components).  There is no need to mess around with loading the gel into a syringe yourself.

To insert the Trimix gel, the tip of a needleless syringe containing the gel is inserted into the opening in the head of the penis.  The gel is then slowly self-administered into the urethra by pushing down the plunger of the syringe.

It’s that simple.

The penis must be held upright for a few minutes so that the penis does not flop and allow the gel to seep out.

Massaging the urethra is recommended while holding the penis in this upright position.  This massaging action allows the active ingredients to diffuse into the surrounding corpus cavernosum.

The corpus cavernosum is the tissue of the penis that fills with blood and produces an erection.

For a video explaining how to insert the Trimix intraurethal gel visit this YouTube video on using Trimix urethral gel.

How does it work?

The active ingredients in this medicine relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels in the penis.  This allows for greater blood flow into the penis.

For more information about Trimix urethral gel, call us now at (204) 233-3469 , email us at or visit our contact us page for other methods of contact such as our online contact form.

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How is the product provided?

The product comes in two separate syringes which are joined by a special connector.  One syringe contains the medication powders and the other syringe contains the gel powder-dispersing vehicle.  The syringes are mixed by you, the patient, by pressing the plungers of the syringes back and forth until the powder is well dispersed within the gel vehicle.

How to Mix the Trimix Gel

As stated above the product is provided to you in two separate syringes that you must mix together.

Tache Pharmacy Trimix Gel Syringes

As you can see in the image above, the brown oral syringe contains the mixture of powdered ingredients and the clear, Luer-Lok syringe contains the liquid/gel component.

In order to mix the powder with the liquid you will join the two syringes with a connector provided.

Tache Pharmacy Trimix Intraurethral Gel Syringe Connector

As you can see from the image of the connector above, there is a shorter side to the connector and a longer side.  Although you may not be able to see it in the image there are small lips on the short side of the connector.  These lips fit into the Luer-Lok portion of the clear syringe and allow the connector to be screwed onto the top of the clear syringe.

Now the brown syringe does not screw onto the connector so the connection is not as strong.  Since it does not attach really well with the connector it is very important, when mixing the product, to hold the brown, oral syringe securely onto the connector.

Once the syringes are joined by the connector (and you are securely holding the brown syringe to the connector) you are going to start by pushing the plunger of the brown syringe (with the powder) into the clear syringe (with the liquid).

You are going to plunge the syringes back and forth 7 to 8 times to ensure that the powder is mixed well with the liquid.

In the end, you should end up with the mixed product in the brown syringe.  The oral syringe allows for the tip of the syringe to fit into the urethra.  As you will see, the Luer-Lok tip of the clear syringe would not fit easily into the urethra.

You should now have 0.6mL of mixed product in the brown syringe.  If your dose is 0.2mL you would then place the tip of the syringe in your urethra and push the plunger until it is at 0.4mL on the syringe.  Moving the plunger from 0.6mL to 0.4mL will place 0.2mL of Trimix Gel into the urethra.  If this dose is what you require, it should produce an erection in about 5 to 20 minutes.

How many doses are there per syringe?

Each syringe provides 0.6mL of gel once mixed.  The usual starting dose is 0.2mL.  If the 0.2mL provides satisfactory results then each 0.6mL would provide three doses.  The 0.2mL dose works for the vast majority of people but may not work for everyone.

The next dose to try is 0.3mL.  If your dose is 0.3mL then each syringe will provide two doses.

Some people need as much as 0.6mL per dose meaning each syringe provides one dose.

In most cases, customers order one, two or three syringes at a time.

To find out the cost per syringe feel free to call (204) 233-3469 and ask for our compounding department.

Why is the product not pre-mixed?

Unmixed, the gel and powder are good for one year.  After being mixed together the expiry date of the product is only 30 days from the date of being mixed.

So, unmixed, one year expiry date.  Mixed, 30 day expiry date.

Therefore in order to allow patients to have to best possible dating on this product we provide the medication unmixed.

Why does the product require refrigeration?

In our research, all studies that we have found indicate that this product must be refrigerated.  There are some websites claiming that the product does not need refrigeration but we have not found any studies to suggest that that is true.

Alprostadil and phentolamine powders both require refrigeration.  Papaverine powder does not require refrigeration.  However, since two of the three ingredients require refrigeration then the conclusion is the product must be refrigerated. 

If the powders in the product require refrigeration, any final solution made by mixing these powders would also require refrigeration. 

What is the cost of shipping the trimix intraurethral gel?

Please note that we only ship withing Canada.

Due to the fact that this product requires refrigeration we only use overnight shipping to ship the product.

Depending on where you are in Canada, shipping ranges from $40 to $100 in our experience.

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PCCA is a professional association of compounding pharmacies that Tache Pharmacy belongs to.  Using the PCCA Find a Compounder tool you should be able to find a compounding pharmacy near you that can help you with Trimix Intraurethal Gel.

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