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Stretch Marks Treatment Creams

Stretch Marks Treatment Creams in Winnipeg

Are you looking for stretch marks treatment creams in Winnipeg?  At Tache Pharmacy our compounding pharmacy is able to compound stretch marks treatment creams.

Tache Pharmacy is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at 400 Tache Avenue.  Please feel free to call us at (204) 233-3469 for more information about our compounded stretch marks treatment creams.

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What are stretch marks?

A stretch mark is a type of scarring of the skin that occurs when the skin stretches or shrinks too rapidly.  Due to the rapid change to the skin, the skin tissues are not able to adapt quickly enough.  This leads to structures in the skin, called elastin and collagen, to burst.  As the skin heals itself from this damage stretch marks may occur.

Stretch marks often look like indented streaks on the skin.  Stretch marks are often found on the skin of pregnant women especially in the third trimester.

Stretch marks can look different on different people.  Some are brighter in color and can be thicker and more prominent as well.  Everyone is different.