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Male Incontinence Products

Male incontinence products can by found at Tache Pharmacy, including:

Male Incontinence Product J Clamp NovationJ Clamp for Moderate to Heavy Male Incontinence

The J Clamp is a male incontinence control device that eliminates leaking by compressing the urethra.

This is achieved by an adjustable barrel that applies pressure to the underside of the penis. The barrel compresses the penis against a frame that fits around the sides and top of the penis.

The amount of pressure that is applied to the barrel is controlled by an adjustable handle that is attached to the axle that travels through the barrel and the frame. The upper portion of the device is contoured to allow vascularity of the penis.

This device is very comfortable and easy to use. It can adjust to various sizes. It is a small device which provides more overall comfort.The device is positioned on the shaft of the penis next to the head.

The handle should be placed on the right side. It can be left in position while urinating. Urination is achieved by releasing pressure with the handle.

This device is made of plastic, stainless steel and rubber. The frame is made of plastic with a rubber lining for comfort. The barrel is made of plastic with a rubber covering. The handle and axle are made of stainless steel.

The device can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

With the J Clamp you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether it be golfing, riding bikes or even swimming it is safe and comfortable to wear the clamp and enjoy the things you love.

The J Clamp has been found to be quite effective for many men dealing with moderate to heavy incontinence.  Please call us at 204-233-3469 if you would like more information ab0ut buying the J Clamp.

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