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Hydroxyurea Winnipeg

Hydroxyurea Winnipeg

Hydroxyurea is a cancer drug which may sometimes be unavailable from the manufacturers.  These hydroxyurea shortages or back orders were common at one time.

Are you a patient needing this drug?  Are you looking for a pharmacy in Winnipeg that has hydroxyurea?  Tache Pharmacy’s compounding pharmacy lab makes hydroxyurea capsules when it is unavailable from manufacturers.

These compounded hydroxyurea capsules can be obtained from Tache Pharmacy whenever there is a manufacturer shortage of Hydrea® brand name capsules or generic hydroxyurea.

If Hydrea® brand name commercially-available product or the generic version is available then we would provide you with the commercially-available product.

Hydrea® is a registered trademark of Bristol Meyers Squibb.

If you have had a hard time finding the brand name product in Winnipeg and you are searching for hydroxyurea Winnipeg availability please give us a call at (204) 233-3469 to speak to one of our pharmacy staff about the hydroxyurea Winnipeg availability.

What is hydroxyurea?

Hydroxyurea is a cancer medication used to treat certain types of cancer.

This medication may also be used to treat sickle cell disease.

Hydroxyurea Drug Class

The medication in a broad sense can be classified as a cancer treatment.  On a more detailed level the drug belongs to a group of cancer medications known as antimetabolites.

Antimetabolites are chemotherapy drugs.  These drugs are similar to other chemicals found naturally in biochemical reactions.  By substituting themselves for the “natural” chemical these drugs interrupt the normal functioning and division of cells.

What is hydroxyurea’s mechanism of action in treating cancer?

In treating cancer, hydroxyurea acts as an antimetabolite.  By acting as an antimetabolite, hydroxyurea interferes with the functioning and division of cancer cells.  The body’s immune system is then able to kill off these cancer cells with are not able to grow and function optimally.

What is the drug’s mechanism of action in treating sickle cell disease?

This medication causes red blood cells to remain fuller and to be less likely to form a sickle shape.  The drug does this by increasing Hemoglobin F, a special type of hemoglobin.

What strength do the hydroxyurea compounded capsules come in?

We make the hydroxyurea compounded capsules in a strength of 500mg.  If you need a strength other than hydroxyurea 500mg capsules please let us know as we would be able to compound these in other strengths upon special request by your prescriber.

What are the hydroxyurea side effects?

For a comprehensive list of hydroxyurea side effects please visit

What is the usual hydroxyurea Winnipeg compounding pharmacy availability?

At Tache Pharmacy, our Winnipeg compounding pharmacy lab regularly has hydroxyurea compounded capsules available when brand name Hydrea® is not available for purchase due to shortages.

For more information about our compounding pharmacy please visit our Winnipeg Compounding Pharmacy information page.