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Pet Medications Flavored Suspensions

Pet Medications Liquid Suspensions with Flavoring

Our compounding pharmacy is able to make liquid pet medications with flavors that pets enjoy.

Virtually any pet medication can be made into a liquid suspension and flavored to be pleasing to your cat or dog or any other animal you may have.

Getting animals to take medication can be very difficult sometimes.  With our veterinary flavored suspensions pet owners often find it easier to get their pet to take their medication.

Flavors available to pets include beef, chicken, fish, tuna or liver.  Other sweet flavors are also available upon request including banana and cherry.

Why use a flavored medication?

Pet owners will often try to give their pets a tablet or capsule mixed in with food only to find that their pet eats around the pill or spits it out.  Even liquids can be difficult to give pets if your pet does not like its flavor.

Flavored liquid medications give a pet owner the best of both worlds.  Liquids are often easier to get into a pet’s mouth without allowing them to spit it out.  When that liquid is flavored in a way the pet likes it can make giving the animal a medication so much easier.

Are you stuggling to give pet medication to your pet?

If you are struggling to give your pet their medication you may want to consider giving them a flavored liquid medication to make it easier.

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