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Colonography Kit

Colonography Kit in Winnipeg

Are you scheduled for a colonography?  Are you looking to buy a colonography kit? 

Tache Pharmacy sells a ready-made kit.

We usually have 7 to 8 kits pre-made and ready to go.  Visit the pharmacy at 400 Tache Avenue to pick up your kit.

You can visit our online store to buy the kit online right mow.

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This ready-to-go bowel prep kit contains:

  • one box (containing two sachets) of PURG-ODAN®
  • two 225 millilitre (mL) bottles of E-Z-CAT®
  • two bisacodyl 10mg suppositories
  • one 50 millilitre (mL) bottle of OMNIPAQUE 350®
Tache Pharmacy Colonography Kit

Colonography Kit

What is a colonography?

A colonography is an imaging procedure used to “take pictures” of your colon using specialized x-ray equipment called Computed tomography (CT).  A colonography is done to examine your colon for cancerous cells or growths in the colon known as polyps.  A colonography is also known as a virtual colonoscopy because it uses computed tomography (CT) scan equipment to take virtual images of your colon/intestines.

What is the difference between a colonography and a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure for examining the colon in which a camera is physically inserted in the rectum and travels into the colon to record video of the colon.  A colonography is a virtual colonoscopy.  The images are taken using a CT scanning machine.  The camera is not actually inside the colon.

Why do I need a colonography kit?

You need the colonography kit in order to allow the CT machine to take the best possible images.

The colonography prep kit basically contains two components.  There is the colon cleansing component which includes one box (containing two sachets) of PURG-ODAN® and two bisacodyl 10mg suppositories.  These two items are what help to clean the colon in order to get the best possible images.

The next component is the imaging components which help the CT imaging equipment to get clear, useful images.  This component of the kit contains two items, E-Z-CAT® and OMNIPAQUE 350®.

OMNIPAQUE 350® is a contrast media. How it works is by creating contrast to body parts and fluids during the colonography imaging test.

E-Z-CAT® is another imaging agent that works by making the intestinal tract (colon) opaque or cloudy in the CT images.

So just remember, the PURG-ODAN® and bisacodyl suppositories are for cleaning the colon out and E-Z-CAT® and OMNIPAQUE 350® are taken in order to allow the CT equipment to take the best possible images.

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