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Colonography Kit

Colonography Kit in Winnipeg

Are you scheduled for a colonography?  Are you looking to buy a colonography kit? 

Tache Pharmacy sells a ready-made kit.

We usually have 7 to 8 kits pre-made and ready to go.  Visit the pharmacy at 400 Tache Avenue to pick up your kit.

You can visit our online store to buy the kit online right mow.

Buy the Colonography Kit Online Now!

This ready-to-go bowel prep kit contains:

  • one box (containing two sachets) of PURG-ODAN®
  • two 225 millilitre (mL) bottles of E-Z-CAT®
  • two bisacodyl 10mg suppositories
  • one 5 millilitre (mL) bottle of OMNIPAQUE 350®
Tache Pharmacy Colonography Kit

Colonography Kit

Click the link to buy a colonography kit online.