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Pain Management

Pain Management Consultations at Tache Pharmacy

Pain management specialists can help.

Are you experiencing chronic pain?  In pain day and night?  Feeling overwhelmed?  A pain consultation with our pharmacists can be very helpful in managing your pain.

Pain relief can consume those with chronic pain.  Patients who are experiencing chronic pain can benefit from a pharmacy knowledgeable in pain and pain relief.

Pharmacists that understand patients on-going needs are available.  Tache Pharmacy has extensive experience in working with patients that require chronic pain relief.

Tache Pharmacy can assist in finding a wide range of commercially available pain medications. We can also compound pain medications:

  • in custom doses
  • as sustained-release forms
  • without acetaminophen

Compounding is a method of preparing medications from scratch.  We regularly compound topical pain medications as well as personalized oral pain medications.

Break free from pain and improve your quality of life.  Find out how our pharmacists can help through a pain consultation.  Pain relief is possible.

If you would like more information about our pain control consultation services call us at (204) 233-3469.  Or visit our contact us page for alternative contact information.

Click this link to see an article that shows that pharmacist pain consultations can have a positive impact on patient’s pain outcomes.

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