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The Innovative Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring

Buy Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring in Winnipeg

Tache Pharmacy carries the Xialla erectile dysfunction penis ring. 

You can buy Xialla in our store and you can also buy Xialla online (find out below how to get a discount buying the product online).  This product is available in Canada so you can buy Xialla in Canada.  Read more below to find out if it’s right for you, where is the best place to buy it and how to order it.

Xialla is an innovative, new penis ring invented by inventor Nigel Shaw.

Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring

This amazing product is unique in its design and is providing men with fantastic results.

Order The Xialla Ring Now!

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What is so special about the Xialla ED Ring?

The inventor of Xialla, Nigel Shaw, put a lot of time and effort into researching and designing Xialla to be not only highly effective but comfortable as well.

The Xialla design is patented so you will not find this type of product anywhere else.

Xialla is not simply a ring, Xialla is a ring system.

First Xialla starts with the main ring but then adds additional structures to increase the effectiveness of the product.  The second important design feature is a second ring that is perpendicular to the cock ring component.  This second ring fits around the scrotum and holds the penis ring closer to the base of the penis and does not allow the ring to travel up the shaft of the penis.

The third innovative component, even further improving the effectiveness of the product, is the anchoring strap.  This strap passes between the legs and allows the ring to be further supported by anchoring to the spine.

No other product is like this.  Men are loving it and loving the results.

Xialla ED Ring

How does the Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring Work?

The Xialla Ring system works by blocking the outflow of blood from the penis.

When a man gets an erection there is a natural mechanical structures within the penis that prevent the outflow of blood from the penis.  In some cases of erectile dysfunction these mechanisms/structures are weakened and the ability of the structures to block the outflow of blood are diminished.

In these circumstances, Xialla can be very helpful in providing assistance to these weakened structures to stop the outflow of blood.

How can I get the Xialla Penis Ring?

If you live in Winnipeg you can come down to 400 Tache Avenue and buy the Xialla Ring at Tache Pharmacy in Winnipeg.  If you are not from Winnpeg, you can order the Xialla penis ring from Tache Pharmacy and have it delivered to you or you can go to and order the product directly from the company that makes it.

If you do decide to order directly from you can use the promo code GH-Discount-453 and receive 10% off your Xialla order.

Order The Xialla Ring Now!

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