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Erectile Dysfunction Products

ED Treatment in Winnipeg

ED treatment and erectile dysfunction products can be found at Tache Pharmacy.   For more information visit our Erectile Dysfunction page or call us at (204) 233-3469.

Erectile dysfunction products available at Tache Pharmacy include:

  • Penile injections – Bimix, Trimix and Quadmix
  • Oral erectile dysfunction medications
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Nutritional Supplements

ED Treatment – Penile Injections

Our compounding pharmacy lab compounds erectile dysfunction injections.  These include Bimix, Trimix, Quadmix and Super Quadmix.

We have many customers utilizing these ED injections and having wonderful success.  Our ED consultants make sure you can inject the medication safely and properly.

Tache Pharmacy ED Treatments Trimix and Quadmix Penile Injections

Trimix and Quadmix Vials

Visit our ED injections page for more detailed information.  On the ED injections page you can also download our prescription template to bring with you to your  doctors office.

Trimix Intraurethral Gel

If you are afraid of needles or you are hesitant to start injecting your penis, you may want to try our needleless ED medication called Trimix Intraurethral Gel.  Trimix Intraurethral Gel tends to be about as effective as Viagra or other oral ED medications.

To learn more about the Trimix intraurethral gel visit our Trimix Intraurethral Gel page.  On this page you can also download our Trimix gel prescription template to take with you to your doctor.

Vacuum Pumps

Tache Pharmacy sells the Vacurect Vacuum pump system.  This system has shown to be 96% effective in creating a satisfactory erection for intercourse.

The Vacurect OTC pump is a very effective manual pump.

Tache Pharmacy ED Treatments Vacurect Vacuum Pump System

Vacurect Vacuum Pump System

The Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring

Xialla is an innovative, patented penis ring system like no other.  Created by inventor Nigel Shaw, this silicone penis ring system is both effective and comfortable.

Xialla ED Treatment Penis Ring

Men are having fantastic results with the Xialla penis ring system.   This is an ED treatment that can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatments like Trimix or Quadmix injections or Trimix Intraurethral Gel.

Visit our Xialla information page for more information.

Or visit to order the Xialla penis ring.

If you do order the Xialla ED ring use the discount code GH-Discount-453 to receive 10% off your order.

Click on the link to buy erectile dysfunction products online.