Caring for you just like we would want to be cared for.

About Us

Our Tache Pharmacy Team

Tache Pharmacy, a specialized Winnipeg pharmacy.  Who do we serve?

At Tache Pharmacy, it is our sincere hope that we can effectively serve the needs of anyone who needs our pharmacy services.   In fact, “Caring for you just like we would want to be cared for” is our motto.

If you need specialized pharmacy services please call us today at (204) 233-3469 , email us at or visit our contact us page for more contact information.

Our pharmacy clients include:

  • women
  • men
  • children of all ages
  • caregivers
  • friends and families of patients
  • people in need of specialized pharmacy services
  • pets and pet owners
  • our palliative care colleagues and their patients
  • and many more.

We serve those who are seeking prescription and non-prescription medications, compounded medicines, specialized pharmacy services, pharmacist consultations and medical supplies.

Not only do we service the pharmacy needs of those who are able to visit our pharmacy at 400 Tache Avenue but also those who can’t come to our pharmacy.  These are people who are living in personal care home settings, assisted and non-assisted living facilities or those living at home but who simply are not physically able to come to our pharmacy.

In order to help those who can’t pick up their medications at the pharmacy we offer free city-wide delivery on all prescriptions. We will also pick up your prescription for free.

Specialized Pharmacy Services

If you are here reading this page the chances are that you are looking for specialized pharmacy services.

One specialized service is our compounding pharmacy services.  Examples of some of our compounded products include:

  • topical pain medications
  • autologous serum eye drops
  • ED penile injections
  • low dose naltrexone capsules
  • hormone replacement
  • liquid medications for your pet
  • nifedipine ointment
  • PB2 capsules
  • boric acid suppositories

Other specialized services include pharmacist consultations, compliance packaging, medical supplies, palliative care, long term care, travel health and more.  Visit our products and services page to see what other services we provide.

Our valued customers, and our healthcare colleagues, also rely on Tache Pharmacy & Medical Supplies staff for:

  • health and prescription drug product information
  • pharmacists consultations regarding many health topics (ED, pain management, travel health, hormone replacement therapy, etc)
  • diabetic supplies
  • ostomy supplies
  • palliative and home care support,
  • veterinary pharmacy services
  • vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • IV and injection supplies
  • bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • pain management
  • erectile dysfunction treatments and solutions
  • vaccinations and injections
  • wound care
  • catheters
  • blood pressure measurements and consultations and much more.

Over the years, we have collaborated with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers and we have proven that our experience qualifies us to be part of any “caring team”. Included among our client group are personal care homes, disease specific care homes, palliative care units, group and residential facilities, hospital wards, assisted and non-assisted living, and emergency shelters. As expert providers, we have a reputation for being sensitive to the needs of the people living in these settings.

Can we help you or someone you are caring for?  Please call us today at 204-233-3469 to find out more.

Tache Pharmacy: Who are we?

Tache Pharmacy & Medical Supplies is a Winnipeg-based, community pharmacy and medical supplies store that has been providing specialized pharmacy services, pharmacist consultations, prescription medicines and medical supplies to Winnipeg residents since 1974.

We were founded over 45 years ago by Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D), William (Bill) Balacko.  Bill is still actively involved in serving our clients.

Tache Pharmacy has always strived to be at the forefront of the health issues and the health-related needs of Winnipegers.  Understanding and helping our clients with complex health issues has always been a major goal for Bill and the Tache Pharmacy family.

Bill, and Tache Pharmacy, continue to support pharmacists in increasing their knowledge and expertise.  He understands that this helps his pharmacists to serve you better.

Although the our team member may change over the years, at any given time our staff includes 7 or 8 pharmacists and 15 to 20 pharmacist assistants/pharmacy technicians and support staff.

Tache Pharmacy takes pride in supporting our pharmacy staff members in achieving their own personal educational and career goals.

Since our inception, Tache Pharmacy pharmacists have been providing effective pharmaceutical care, and applying their pharmaceutical knowledge in practice, in order to help improve the medication-related outcomes and quality of life of our patients.

Our Experience with Long-Term Care Facilities and Other Institutions

We have 40 years (and counting) of experience performing the following functions in complex care settings:

  • Establishing pharmacy distributive services in public and private organizations.  This includes equipment set up and maintaining pharmacy processes that support patient or resident admission, care planning and medication review;
  • Maintaining emergency and after-hour pharmacy services;
  • Ensuring that accurate drug information is available to staff.  This helps to support physician decision-making and effective and efficient medication distribution;
  • Developing policies and procedures for pharmacy services.  These P&P pertain to medication storage, administration, and audit;
  • Staff education.  This includes education on policies, chronic health conditions, and effective and efficient treatment options;
  • Continuous quality improvement and self study.  These processes assist with accreditation efforts and the promotion a high standards of care; and
  • Detailed billing and financial record keeping.

We are proud to say that these services have contributed to patient and resident well-being, client satisfaction, and positive system-related outcomes, such as ease of workflow in individual facilities.

Tache Pharmacy has a special and long-standing relationship with St. Boniface General Hospital.  “St. B” is located directly across the street from our pharmacy.

Through this relationship, we have worked with virtually all of the departments in the hospital.  These departments include palliative care, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, nephrology, mental health, women’s health and more.

We have helped patients with chronic diseases obtain disease-specific products and therapies as well as pain control therapies.

Investing in Serving You Better

Our community Pharmacy has invested 100s of thousands of dollars in equipment, facilities and training in order to be able to provide the services that we make available to our customers.  For example, the assets required to be able to operate a compounding pharmacy laboratory are very expensive. Tache Pharmacy has made that substantial initial investments, plus ongoing investments, in order to provide this scarce, valuable pharmacy service.

We have also invested in several computerized compliance packaging machines.

Please let us know how we can serve you.  If you are an existing customer, let us know how we can continue to serve you better.

Call the pharmacy today at (204) 233-3469 to see how we can help.