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Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Are you looking for autologous serum eye drops (ASED) in Winnipeg?

Our compounding pharmacy makes ASED for Manitobans.  If you are looking for ASED in Winnipeg please call us now at (204) 233-3469 or email us at

Please note, due to new requirements, before these eye drops can be made for you microbiology and virology testing must be completed and show a negative result.

What are autologous serum eye drops?

Autologous serum eye drops (ASED) are eye drops made from a person’s own blood serum.

Autologous means cells or tissues obtained from the same individual.  For example, an autologous bone marrow transplant is the transplantation of bone marrow that was removed from an individual and placed back into the same individual.

Therefore, autologous serum is blood serum taken from an individual to be later used by that same person.  Thus autologous serum eye drops are drops made from that individual’s own blood serum.

Blood serum is known to have biomechanical and biochemical characteristics which mimic those of  natural tears. 

Studies have shown that the epithelia cells of the eye are better supported by autologous serum than by synthetic lubricant eye drops.

ASED are beneficial in keratoconjunctivitis sicca, persistent epithelial defects and chronic, severe dry eyes.

Do you have a prescription for ASED?  Feel free to use our online prescription order form to submit your prescription to us.

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What are autologous serum eye drops used for?

ASED are used to treat ocular surface disease as well as chronic dry eyes.

Since the eye drops are made from the person’s own serum it is believed that the drops contain vitamins, growth factors and other chemicals important to the health of the eye.  These components are not found in other manufactured eye drops.

These drops more closely mimic the eyes natural tears compared to artificial tears.

How do I get autologous serum eye drops?

These specialty eye drops do require a prescription from your doctor.  The doctor prescribing these drops is usually a specialist called an ophthalmologist.

After an examination, and determining if you require this type of eye drops, the physician would provide you with a prescription as well as a laboratory requisition to draw blood.

You would attend the lab and have blood drawn.

Your blood is then processed to have the serum extracted.  The serum is then sent to our compounding pharmacy lab. Our compounding pharmacy then dilutes the serum to the prescribed concentration and places the solution into eye dropper bottles for your use.

What concentrations of ASED are common?

A 20% serum solution is the most common concentration.  Concentrations of 25%, 40% and even 50%, may also be prescribed.

Are there special storage requirements for autologous serum tears?

Yes.  These eye drops must be refrigerated.

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Order Your Autologous Serum Eye Drops Now!

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