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New Compounding Pharmacy Lab

The New Compounding Pharmacy Lab

We are very happy, and proud, to show all of our customers, and our colleagues from the medical community, our new compounding pharmacy lab facilities.

This project took over two years of planning and construction to complete.

With this new compounding laboratory, Tache Pharmacy becomes only one of three pharmacies in the province of Manitoba to meet rigorous standards and regulations for compounding pharmacies.

The Clean Room

As you can see from the signs on the door of our clean room the strictest of protocols must be followed to work inside our clean room.  These strict protocols help to ensure the sterility of the products made inside this room.

Clean Room Rules Sign

Its so strict I couldn’t get inside to take pictures.

More clean room pictures coming soon

The Hazardous Non-Sterile Room

Let’s take a peek inside our Hazardous Non-Sterile Room.  This room is used to make products that are hazardous but may not necessarily need to be sterile like the products we make in the Clean Room.  Specialized vents are used exhaust any materials from the hood to the outside…keeping our staff and customers safe.

Peek Through the Door of the Clean Room

Let’s head inside and have a look…

Inside our Clean Room

And now let’s work inside our new state-of-the-art hazardous products hood….

Inside the Clean Room Hood

Isn’t it nice to know that at Tache Pharmacy all the compounded products that require strict hazardous materials protocols are made in an area meeting such high standards?

Our Regular Hood

If we are making a product that does not have as strict of sterility or hazardous material requirements we will work in our other hood located in the main area of our compounding lab.

Here is one of our compounding staff members working inside the hood.

Working inside the hood wide shot

Let’s get a little closer and have a better look…

Working inside the hood close up

Our Shelving and Storage Areas

When working with compounding ingredients the storage and care of those ingredients is important.  The storage and care of finished products is also important.

Here are a couple pictures of our chemical ingredient storage.

Chemical ingredient storage

More Chemical Ingredient Storage

And the next picture shows some of our work space as well as the storage for some of our finalized products.

Work Space and Final Product Storage

To learn more about our compounding pharmacy and some of the products we make in our new compounding pharmacy lab visit our Compounding Pharmacy page.

To learn more about the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authority requirements for compounding pharmacists and compounding staff please visit