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Infant Formula

Infant Formula in Winnipeg

Are you looking to buy infant formula in Winnipeg?  Tache Pharmacy supplies many families with infant formulas.  Not only regular infant formula but specialized formulas as well.

You can get these formulas in powder, liquid and concentrated liquid forms.

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Tache Pharmacy Infant Formula

Enfamil A+ Infant Formula

Enfamil Infant Formulas

We are able to supply Enfamil infant formulas including:

  • Enfamil A+
  • Enfagrow A+ Toddler
  • Enfamil A+ 2
  • Enfamil A+ Soy
  • Enfamil A+ Gentleease
  • Enfamil A+ Lactose Free
  • And More

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Similac Infant Formula

Similac formulas we are able to supply include:

  • Similac Advance
  • Similac Advance Neuro Support
  • Similac Advance 20
  • Similac Sensitive Lactose Sensitivity
  • Similac Pro-Advance
  • Similac Isomil
  • Similac Organic
  • Similac Alimentum Pro Sensitive
  • Similac Total Comfort
  • And More

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Nestle Good Start Formulas

The Nestle Good Start formulas include:

  • Nestle Good Start
  • Nestle Good Start Plus
  • Nestle Good Start Alsoy
  • Nestle Good Start Soothe

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Specialized Infant Formula

We also supply specialized infant formulas such as:

  • Nutrimagen A+
  • Abbott’s RCF Formula
  • Nutren Junior
  • Puramino A+
  • And More
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